Hello and welcome.

You enter in the wonderful world of the nature and essential oil, and the benefactions which it gets us.

The latter, not only have their own perfume, emit their aroma and their properties, but are to bring well-being and care to our body; and it from time immemorial.

Some essential oils are tolerated by animals, dogs in particular. But I shall not know how to recommend the use of hydrolats at their level, quite as for the babies; the aromatic hydrolats containing 5 % of essential oil. 

However, the use of essential oil are not without danger and the biggest caution is recommended to you as long as you did not take the opinion of a professional.

You will thus find some recommendations at the bottom of every index card of essential oil as well as the aromatic hydrolats which are presented to you on the site, to make best use their virtues.

I wish you a beautiful discovery, as well as to increase your well being.