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  • Cleansing Milk beads Perle Nacrée

    Cleansing milk Guaranteed 100% natural, no dyes, parabens, not tested on animals. Deep cleans, moisturizes and envelops the face with a veil of softness scent.

    Composition :

    Natural beeswax Reunion, powder cultured pearl, Aloe wich growe in Réunion Island, Reunion royal jelly, vegetable oils and essential oils distilled in Réunion island of Geranium Bourbon, Jojoba, Lavender, Borage, Grapefruit , Rosemary, Combava, Rosewood.

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  • Gentle exfoliating lotion

    This lotion removes small impurities by balancing the skin PH.

    Composition :

    With Aloe vera gel, Fruit acids, Grapefruit seed extract, and floral waters of Kaffir lime, Rosewood and witch Hazel distilled in Reunion Island.

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  • Milk Satin Rose

    Milk for the face and body with essential oils and aromatic hydrosols distilled on Réunion Island. Guaranteed 100% natural, no dyes and parabens. Not tested on animals. Contains no animal protein.

    Composition :

    Natural wax, shea butter, aloe, hydrosol aromatic Damask Rose essential oils of Rose and Rosewood, vegetable oils Argan, Carrot, Jojoba and Borage.

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