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  • Propolis

    This is the panacea for the immune system. Natural antibiotic, propolis is also useful for treating genital herpes, treat vaginitis, it improves oral hygiene (useful against certain infections of the mouth. It is mainly used as a mouthwash or toothpaste) prevent and treat respiratory infections, relieve burns, fight against parasites and fungi, boost the immune system. Effective against E. salivarius, S. sanguinis, S. mitis, and C. albicans.

    Oral administration in a little water. For children from 18 months to adults.

    In cancer treatment and as an accompaniment to chemotherapy

    An accompaniment to chemotherapy, 30 drops per day for one month every two months for the duration of chemotherapy.

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  • Pure Noni juice from Tahiti

    Ideal for competitive athletes, this extract is obtained by impregnating the water vapor from the morinda citrifolia fruit. It contains terpene compounds, volatile, giving it properties similar to those of an essential oil. Also, it contains a complex molecule of the family of polysaccharides, with immuno-stimulant properties. Its biochemical composition explains its analgesic qualities joints, anti-aging. This is a major antioxidant. It improves cellular health, stimulates and strengthens the immune system, raise energy levels, improve digestion and transit, reduces allergy attacks, regulates blood sugar, improves blood circulation and blood pressure. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle toning, it allows a better endurance and recovery in athletes. This juice helps to regulate body weight. The method of manufacturing the juice is different from the original manufacturing process, that is the Tahitian recipe. Giving it more palatable. It is a revitalizing body.

    Product certified by Ecocert. From organic agriculture. Guaranteed 100% natural and not tested on animals. The fruit of Noni growes in Réunion Island.

    Cure for 21 days. This is not a medicine but a food supplement and it is without contraindication. It can also be used in states of fatigue or depression, physical asthenia. Promotes mental and muscular endurance and allows better resistance.

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