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  • Bourbon geranium hydrosol

    Description :

    It is an hydrosol recommanded for dermatitis (skin problems), anti-infectives, healing, anti-inflammatory (recommended in burns), useful in all body treatments and facials.

    Geranium Bourbon or Géranium Rosat stimulates liver function and pancreatic calm itching.

    Recommended for mouth ulcers, neuralgia, shingles, stomach pain.
    Also, some sprays that you experience hot flashes, the calm.

    You can use this hydrosol in internal or external use.

    In any cancer preventive : three tablespoonfull in a liter of water, you drink through out the day. A take cure of 21 days regularly.

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  • Shampoo-lotion anti-tick

    For our canine friends

    Description :

    With essential oils distilled on Réunion Island.
    Guaranteed 100% natural and effective.

    Containing 300 ml.
    Made in Réunion Island.

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  • Tee Tra Organic

    Therapeutic properties :

    (According to D. BAUDOUX)
    Potent antibacterial broad spectrum of action + + +
    Fungicide + +
    Parasiticidal + +
    Antiviral and immune stimulant + + +
    Protective skin during radiotherapy + + +

    (According to P. Goëb)

    Immunostimulatory and anti-infectious versatile

    Traditional use :

    (According to D. BAUDOUX)

    Oral infections: aphthosis, stomatitis, abscess, gingivitis ***
    Bacterial or viral infections of upper and lower respiratory tract:
    Sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis **
    Urinary tract infections and gynecologic ***

    (According to P. Goëb)

    Fungal skin infections
    Angina red
    Collibacillose chronic.

    Bottle size 10 ml. Distilled on the Réunion Island.

    Produced from organic certified by ECOCERT.

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