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  • Gel of Aloé

    Outstanding hydrating, painkiller and regenerating gel,for cuts, burns, sunburns, itches, insect bites, bruises and more...

    Indispensable in the emergency case and the family first-aid box.

    Tube of 200 ml. Made in Réunion Island.
    Biological culture natural 100 %, without paraben, without colouring agents.

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  • Propolis

    This is the panacea for the immune system. Natural antibiotic, propolis is also useful for treating genital herpes, treat vaginitis, it improves oral hygiene (useful against certain infections of the mouth. It is mainly used as a mouthwash or toothpaste) prevent and treat respiratory infections, relieve burns, fight against parasites and fungi, boost the immune system. Effective against E. salivarius, S. sanguinis, S. mitis, and C. albicans.

    Oral administration in a little water. For children from 18 months to adults.

    In cancer treatment and as an accompaniment to chemotherapy

    An accompaniment to chemotherapy, 30 drops per day for one month every two months for the duration of chemotherapy.

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